Nizhny Card
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Nizhny Novgorod!
With a single electronic card you will feel like a favorite guest, and not just a tourist!
In your hands - everything you need so that you can see more and pay less.
All in one electronic card!
Visiting more than 15 museums
Significant museums of the city: contemporary and classical art, the history of the city, painting, literature, architecture, the Kremlin.
Special offer and discounts
Special offers and discounts in the best places in the city. More than 20 restaurants that adore local people.
Free city transportation
Trips on public transport. Buses, trams, trolley-buses, metro plus two trips by cable car.
Convenient guide
With detailed information on all the places included in the electronic map: phone, website, opening hours.

No queues at the box office

No hassle with cash

No confusion with the route!

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